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Please feel free to share any thoughts relating to the session in the 'message' box to your right.

After scheduling a date and time, you will also have the opportunity to add any details on what you would like to achieve during the call - and any additional information you deem relevant to the conversation - in the 'Notes" and 'Resource' sections in your session page (you will have to login in the Library first).

The ZOOM® link will appear after you have booked the session. If you do not have access to ZOOM® please let me know if you have a preferred way to communicate, video (preferred) or call.

Looking forward to our conversation.


PS The call is FREE. However, you have the opportunity to help me support Habitat for Horses, a non-profit committed to the prevention, rescue and rehabilitation of abused equines. Any small voluntary donation would be greatly appreciated, and I will match every penny. No pressure, just opportunity. Thank you for the consideration.