Live the best  

second half 

of your adult life. 




Live the best second half of your adult life 


Transformational Coaching for brave individuals embracing their purpose and striving for the exhilarating second half of their adult lives.


What brought you here?


You are a driven individual, genuinely keen to re-examine the narrative that has accompanied your adult life, how your set of values, beliefs, thinking and behavioral patterns have affected your personal and professional choices.

Even successful adults may run out of dreams conceived at a younger age or may lack the ability to envision new ones. Some feel trapped by decisions made one or two decades ago regarding education, careers, friends, companions. This is not unusual; it is actually the norm, no matter how we portray ourselves in public.

  • Maybe there is something that seems unattainable, the feeling that you are not ”there” yet.
  • You may want to gain more freedom, personal or financial.
  •  It could be that your passion and drive sometimes exhausts you and people around you.
  • Maybe you are facing a loss of vitality and vibrance and feel tired, stressed, low energy.
  • Or perhaps you are having a particularly difficult time with sudden and unexpected changes.
  • Finally, you could simply be disconnected to the purpose you once had.

"So, what do I do now?"  

Let's uncover together how FM Coaching™ can help.


How FM Coaching™ works


At FM Coaching™ you will  embark on a creative and thought-provoking quest to unlock some of your potentialYou will create goals you feel passionate about - in any aspects of your life - as well as multiple strategies to support achieving those goals.

With the aim of maximizing the coaching impact, I have created the ADE™ process - which applies to Transformational, Executive & Equine coaching - composed of 3 separate yet integrated stages:

FM Transformational Coaching™

The power of the transformative process is that there is no fixed destination

Once we accept the ineluctable presence of change, the ownership of our life story and the realization that happiness in life is not measured in "achievements" along a straight path, we will have the opportunity to re-align our goals with our ideals and to reach enduring wellness. 


Explore FM Transformational

FM Executive Coaching™

The FM Executive Coaching™ program is an efficient, high-impact process that helps leaders improve results and accelerate commercial delivery, without losing sight of their personal lives.

It will provide you with the necessary personal and professional skills to effectively lead and grow a commercial enterprise with a shared purpose of intent and clarity of objectives.


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FM Equine   Coaching™

FM Equine Coaching™ ​is a dynamic approach to personal transformation that combines my proprietary ADE™ coaching framework with a profound experience of self-discovery through the interaction with remarkable horses. 

Explore the opportunity of a unique in-person coaching experience with horses at the Artha Ranch, near Weatherford, TX. 


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 “And then the knowledge comes to me that I have space within me for a second, timeless, larger life.”

R. M. Rilke, “I Love My Being’s Dark Hours”


Why we all need a coach


About Federico


The reassuring CV you are probably looking for, with all the proper degrees and certificates, is at the end of the About page. But that is only part of my story and possibly, not the most important one. So let me start with another story.

​​It's the Fall of 2014, I'm in Northern Europe after over 15 years working in Oil & Gas around the world. 

”That's what I want to do!” My wife Heli heard me utter those words not fully realizing what I had just said. On the large TV screen the credits started running and our lives changed (yet again).

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 Nicolo Andreula

Founder and Managing Director, Disal Consulting


"What I most like about Federico is his capacity to listen in a non-judgmental way, with a deep empathy and sense of understanding. He has always given me different, fresh perspectives on how to look at things, allowing me the space to identify both my personal priorities and the tradeoffs of every decision. He is a pillar of my professional and personal life."

Lioudmila A.



"His human intelligence is remarkable, but what is even more impressive is his ability to give honest and upfront feedback, which makes ​one truly reflect. I don't think Federico has ever told me what I ​'should ​be doing', but his ​wise counsel has always created  the space to make personal and professional decisions that, ultimately, proved right for me."

Livio Moretti

Founder & Managing PartnerEendigo


"Federico brings in not only his remarkable tenure in the corporate world and the technical toolbox of an experienced executive coach, but most notably his unparalleled capability to listen, support and inspire.... We like to think that a good coach can change the game, but Federico can touch people hearts and transform lives!."           

What do I do now?



The very fact that you have reached this point means that you have already mastered the first, critical step of any coaching journey: you have recognized both that there is something that you want to address and that you have control over your life narrative.

But in the beginning, not many of us are comfortable proceeding alone in a new territory, especially around midlife.

With a unique blend of business acumen, psychological insight, and wellness expertise, I offer a transformative coaching experience that is unlike any other.

An extensive international experience and diverse background enable me to understand and navigate complex personal and professional transformations, ensuring that you receive personalized, empathetic, and impactful guidance.

I will hold no agenda other than yours. I will be your traveling companion, a guide that knows the terrain - and maybe a few shortcuts.

Your coaching journey will be deeply informed, uniquely tailored, and profoundly effective.

It's time to start the next chapter of your adult life



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