Livio Moretti,
Founder & Managing Partner, Eendigo 

"Eendigo enjoys a standing collaboration with Federico in the Executive Coaching area.  

As provider of transformational programs to the largest global Private Equity funds, we  often complete our offer with executive coaching and mentoring.  

This is when Federico brings in not only his remarkable tenure in the corporate world and the technical toolbox of an experienced coach, but most notably his unparalleled capability to listen, support and inspire.  

Federico becomes a true journey companion unlocking people’s potential and  encouraging great results.  We like to think that a good coach can change the game, but Federico can touch people hearts and transform lives!."                         


Nicolo' Andreula,
Founder & Managing Director, Disal Consulting 

"Since our path crossed over a decade ago, I have been seeking Federico’s counsel whenever I was about to face a tough decision. 

What I most like about him is his capacity to listen in a non-judgmental way, with a deep empathy and sense of understanding. He has always given me different, fresh perspectives on how to look at things, allowing me the space to identify both my personal priorities and the tradeoffs of every decision. 

He is a pillar of my professional and personal life."


Lioudmila Abramova,

 "I’ve known Federico for more than 20 years. Throughout this time he has remained a solid point of reference I can always rely on.  

His human intelligence is remarkable, but what is even more impressive is his ability to give honest and upfront feedback, which makes ​one truly reflect.  

I don't think Federico has ever told me what I ​"should ​be doing", but his ​wise counsel has always created the space to make personal and professional decisions that, ultimately, proved right for me." 


Daniel Gomez Rojas,
Chief Growth Officer, TXT

"Federico's unique coaching approach helped to develop my full potential.   

His continuous support and honest feedback have been key to develop more successful personal and working strategies.   

His focus was not only on effective working habits developed in his business career, but also in personal habits such as nutrition, sleep and mindfulness, which have been an important component in establishing a balanced and happy life" 


Viktor K,
MD, Psychotherapist  

"When facing change and uncertainty, ​common sense and good judgement are seldom enough.  

After a life in psychotherapy, I have watched many confinements unfold and many cages unravel. If it were only a matter of sound reasoning, we could all find our way out of difficulties and stop drifting toward dead ends.  

Federico has found a key to lift his clients out of the ordinary experience that locks them into circularity, help them find the roots for an alternative and facilitate a transformation." 


Chris Reveliotis,
Energy Executive & Consultant, DNV

"Federico brings a wealth of experience, the product of a diverse, international career path and a fascinating life. He belongs to the rare breed of people who have from an early stage taken a holistic stance in experiencing life, driven by an agile intellect and a natural curiosity, yet always counterbalanced by a pragmatic, down to earth approach.  

Federico has a natural gift in establishing rapport in his relationships driven by an empathetic approach that leads to genuine interest and understanding. However, he does not suffer a fool easily, and this helps guarantee the quality of his engagement and the outcome of his worth.  

These qualities make him a valuable counsel, coach or mentor and most certainly a person worth to engage with. I wholeheartedly recommend him!"    


Janice Sibilia,
Ranch Manager  

"Federico has coached and mentored me through several unexpected life changes over the past few years. He has a wonderful and effective way of helping to break things down into bite size pieces with what might first appear to be something quite overwhelming.
He never told me what to do, or made decisions for me. What he gave me was much more valuable. His lifetime of business and personal experiences helped show me different ways to look at a challenging situation; how to expand my thoughts to see more possibilities. He encouraged and motivated me to use the talents that I am fortunate to have, in order to rise above the challenges. He is all about thriving, not just surviving.
I would highly recommend Federico’s services to anyone who is at a crossroads in their life, or who just wants to elevate to the next level."