The exhilarating  second half of your adult life. 


What's that worth?


The exhilarating  second half of your adult life. 


What's that worth?


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 Let's Connect!



Face-to-face or in the digital realm, the possibilities are boundless.

Most of my clients hail from the most vibrant and disparate landscapes in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Let's make the connection, wherever you are.


I partner with a limited number of clients at any given time to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Whether you are facing a difficult transition, attempting to find a renewed sense of purpose, or seeking to reach a state of enduring wellness,  ​I would welcome the opportunity to discuss partnering with you.

Throw out the one-size-fits-all methodologies, the 30-day 'hacks,' the bombastic buzzwords and the 'secret formulas.' Your future demands a professionally customized actionable plan that will propel you toward your best years to come.


To get started, click the link below to schedule your discovery call and explore what a partnership feels like.



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If you're not ready yet to schedule your discovery call, but would like to get in touch to share a thought, ask a question............... or even just to say Ciao! don't hesitate to contact me here 


The Artha Ranch 


We are located at 3540 N Whitt Rd., Perrin TX 76486, 20 mins drive from Mineral Wells, 30 mins from Weatherford and just over 1h from the Dallas Forth Worth International Airport.

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